Sunday, March 10, 2013

Let Me Get This Off My Chest...

Parenting is crazy hard.  Crazy.  Even when I am 100% healthy and on top of my game I question whether or not I am doing it "right".  I did, however, feel confident enough to accept the challenge some friends tossed at me and turn out over 70 blog posts about our daily life around here. Then I got "the plague" as we refer to it.  Life changed sooooo much.  For 9 months we were parenting in survival mode.
We are no longer in survival mode but it has been hard for me to blog because I feel that I had nothing worth sharing that was true to the nature of the JMJ blog.  The whole Just Mama Jenni blog was started when some moms asked me to write down some of my parenting strategies.  As one mom said, "I don't need to read parenting books because I know you will and I can just get the info from you."  There is a lot of truth to that statement.  I will read the books and then I can't help but talk about what I have read.  Pretty much if you are my friend that means you don't mind putting up with my tendency to some how turn any topic into a parenting discussion.  For real.  I am a tiny bit obsessed with behavior management.
Sooooo if that is what my blog was based on then I had ZERO to write about.  I cannot tell you how many things we let slide around here this past year.  Seriously.  If I had a penny for every chicken nugget that was consumed and every video game that was played I could personally solve the national deficit.  Oh, and I should also mention that we went "green" during this period.  We saved water by not bathing the kids and allowed them to wear dirty clothes.  Not to mention the sudden disappearing act I did.  I went from being room mom to people wondering if hubs and I were getting a divorce because he was attending all of the kids events and I was nowhere to be found.
I know that I don't have to confess all of this but the truth is that I feel like I DO.  I need everyone who reads JMJ to know that none of my posts are ever meant to make you feel like I have it under control and that you should be more like me.  Unless by more like me you mean that you screw up more than you thought was humanly possible and Child Protective Services still allow you to keep your kids.
Just so that we are all on the same page let me reiterate I love my kids.  I love parenting.  I do both poorly on a regular basis.  I try to recognize when I screw up and do better the next time.  These are the things I blog about and my hope is that maybe you can relate to my flaws and that my determination to do better will give you encouragement. 
There.  I feel better.  I had to get that off my chest before I could begin blogging again. And ladies, back off.  We are not getting a divorce.  He's a keeper.

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