Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Carpet Picnic Theology

Easter is almost here!  Last year I mentioned that we were going to do The Last Supper JMJ style.  Well, we did and it went sooooo well that we are going to do it again.  I know that lots of churches do Maundy Thursday Dinners or a Passover Seder Meal.  I can appreciate these things but they are not super kid friendly, so I have taken the liberty to put my own twist on the Last Supper.  Next Thursday night this is what we will be doing:

-In biblical times they would have sat on pillows or mats around a low table.  We are going to simulate this by having a carpet picnic and sitting on pillows.

-When you see pictures of the Last Supper there are always bowls of fruit and bread on the table. This I can do! Kids love fruit and bread so we will go with that. Feel free to cook lamb and other cultural favorites that were probably really served that day but I am going to opt to skip that part of the meal. My Passover feast is going to look more like a tapas party.

-One thing that I really do want to illustrate to my kids is the message of servant leadership that Christ demonstrated by washing the disciples’ feet.  When it is time to call everyone to the table I will have a bowl or bucket ready and we will talk about how people’s feet were filthy back in that day and that it was customary to wash your feet before you sat to eat.  We will discuss how rich people had servants that would perform this task.  I will explain that even though Jesus was a very important person, He still wanted to serve His friends by performing this act of kindness.  Hubs and I will then wash the children’s feet before we sit to eat our meal.

-The conversations at each of our homes will vary.  Who knows what part of the meal will peak their interest.  My favorite part of last year's meal was when #1 broke the bread with Oscar worthy dramatic flair.  Remember, the goal is to simply bring some biblical knowledge into the picture and to unwrap some of the meaning behind the traditions.  It's okay if there is some gigglingI am pretty sure Jesus won't mind.
Our homes are the best place for our children to learn the foundations of our belief systemChurch is important and I love corporate worship, but God is big.  God is real.  Don't minimize Him to a 10 second prayer at meal time.  The most impacting sermon your children will ever hear is the one you live in front of them every day.  Don't be afraid of their questions.  Questions are good because they make us think.  Your child may ask a question that you don't know the answer to and that is okay!  Tell them that you don't know and that you will have to look it up or ask someone.  Teaching my children and addressing their questions about God has had a huge impact on my ability to explain why I believe what I believeThis is not a bad thing.  It is a great thing. I am thankful that they have caused me to grow in this area.
 My prayer is that my children will not only believe, but also understand what they believeLife is full of uncertainties but God is not one of them.  This is the most important lesson of all.  The best lesson of all.  The lesson that begins with a carpet picnic, grape juice and a bucket of water.

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