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ALL ThE SiNGle LaDieS!! ALL ThE SiNGle LaDieS!!

This year Just Mama Jenni partnered with ARISE Ministries.  ARISE is a national women's ministry.  They host single mother's conferences across the U.S.  Their largest conference will be in Oklahoma City in June.  Here is a note from ARISE founder Pam Kanaly...

Hi Ladies!  What an honor to be asked to be “Mama Jenni’s” guest blogger.  I am totally thrilled.  I know she has tons of loyal followers so please know that any friend of “Mama Jenni’s” is a friend of mine.  Let me introduce myself and fill your cup with a little encouragement at the same time.

I’m Pam Kanaly, co-founder of the national women’s ministry, Arise Ministries.  My partner in ministry, Shelley Pulliam, and I co-founded this organization ten years ago.  Where in the world has the time gone?

One of the missions that God has called us to do is lead a STATEWIDE Oklahoma single mother’s conference called Survive ‘N’ Thrive.  Every summer we put on a weekend extravaganza for single moms and their children.  It’s a full-fledged blow out of fun, keynote sessions, door prizes, and much more! This year we’re even giving away a brand new car!

At our conference we offer 18 breakout sessions taught by Oklahoma professionals, authors, counselors, all with the purpose to give our moms a boost in what concerns them the most. They come to the conference feeling overwhelmed; they leave rejuvenated and empowered in their roles as mamas.  It stupendous to see these moms and kids refreshed in their family units.  And that’s not all: Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin serves as our Honorary Chair with about a hundred businesses coming alongside.  Isn’t that fabulous?  It’s a win-win for everyone.  So if you live near Oklahoma City or know a single mom who does, please get her to this event.  IN FACT, we have moms coming from Texas, Arkansas, and Kansas, as well.  Listen: it’s not a conference, but an EXPERIENCE!  So please help us get the word out.  And you can read more about the event right here:

Now, how about you? Some of you might be a single mom and wonder if you’re going to make it through this season. It’s tough and you have questions:
         “Will my kids turn out ok?” 
          “Will I ever find a husband again?”
          “Where’s my next pay check coming from?”
Goodness, the challenges of raising children alone are totally incomprehensible and fall on moms like a hailstorm without end!  Many wonder if it will ever get easier.

You might be thinking, “Well, I live too far away to come to your Oklahoma summer conference!  Can you at least give me a few morsels off the conference dessert table to nibble on?”  Certainly I can.

As a former single mom, I know the plight single moms face.  Now that my children are grown and gone (with one child having recently had a baby), I’ve experienced all the phases of moms and kids and have certainly found THE ANSWER in raising children that emerge as wholesome adults.  And though I’ve been remarried for many years, I understand the challenges single moms face.

So here’s three little “Pam Pointers” that might be useful in your journey.

Pam’s Pointer #1 – Teach by THE BOOK
     THE BOOK is God’s Word.  Make it the plumb line of authority in your home.  In it you’ll find corrective training for the circumstances you face as a single parent.  Seize every opportunity in using real-life situations to teach your children spiritual truth. I promise you this: God is faithful and He will give you the guidance, stamina and wisdom you need as a parent “solo” under your roof.

Pam’s Pointer #2Parent by Roles
     There are many aspects in your single motherhood that you can’t change or reverse.  So learn what’s your job and what’s God’s job. You job is to depend on Christ alone and diligently put yourself in places of healthy support and spiritual and emotional growth.  God’s job is to “fix.” So let go of what you can’t change and give it to God. His Holy Spirit will enable you to do just that.  

Pam’s Pointer #3 – Model by Example 
     Children mimic, and most likely they will mimic you.  So act out what you want them to pick up.  Love flamboyantly.  Counsel gently.  And never speak negatively of their father.  Let them see you reading God’s Word and praying.  The power of example is caught not taught.  Every child seeks a hero, someone they regard as a role model, worthy of their adulation and respect. Why not let it be YOU?

Friend, just know this as a single mom: You have support, my support!  Thank you for letting me chat with you today.  And by the way, I send out a monthly word of encouragement to single moms across this nation.  I’d love for one of those moms to be YOU!  (see -

God bless, dear one, and remember:  I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength.” Philippians 4:13

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