Monday, April 30, 2012

The Secret: Can I Find Peace After An Abortion?

Today I would like to introduce you to my childhood friend Michelle.  Her story is honest and raw.  Listen to how she has found healing for her heart.

Dear Mama Jenni Readers,

My name is Michelle Matthews. I want to share my secret with you. Although my secret isn’t unique, it is a secret that I guarded very closely until recently. Sadly, almost 1 in 2 women hold onto the same secret and bear the burden of its shame. My secret is that twelve years ago, I had an abortion. Statistics show that as many as 43% of women have had an abortion. That means you or someone close to you is impacted and is knowingly or unknowingly battling the emotional distress caused by an abortion. And because the sense of shame a woman can feel from an abortion runs so deep, it can be kept as a secret for a very long time. The average time it takes for a woman to seek healing after her abortion is 20 years.

My friend, Dawn, and I recently started a website and Facebook page called “Freed – Fully Redeemed Entirely Esteemed Daughters”. On Freed, we share our testimonies and promote God’s healing for post abortive women.  By speaking-up and speaking-out, we hope to reach women and break the bondage of their secret. Our prayer is to help women bring their dark, painful secret into the light of forgiveness and healing so they can live the life God created them to live. We have both been redeemed and restored by God’s grace, and we want to shout it out to the world. We want all post abortive women to experience the freedom that is waiting for them.

There are many psychological and emotional complications women experience after abortion. Here is a link describing those effects, and a link describing the recovery program Dawn and I have completed and are now leading. Through the recovery program, we have been blessed to watch lives changed before our eyes by women coming forward to receive healing. Some of these women have come to us in tears knowing that they need help digging up their buried hurt. Some of these women didn’t initially believe they needed to be healed from their abortion, but tried the program in an effort to address what they thought were unrelated problems in their lives. Both groups of these beautiful, broken women have been changed into shining rays of light.

Click here to see if PASS (Post Abortion Stress Syndrome is affecting you. There are many programs available to you including confidential weekend retreats and weekly bible studies.  Dawn and I are here to help get you plugged into a program near you.  Please reach out so that you too can receive the healing God wants for your life.  You will be forever changed.  

If you are not one of the 43% affected by abortion, please share our information with your family and friends who may be part of the 43%.  Click here for our website with our testimonies. Click here to like and share our Facebook page. Our email address is

Thank you for taking the time to read and for passing along our information to help others. 

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