Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rub A Dub Dub: Laundry Soap

This post is a little different.  It isn't about my kids at all.  It is about my new laundry revelation.  I made my own laundry detergent this week.  Really, I did.  My sister has been encouraging me to give it a try for about 2 years and I haven't because the whole idea of it just seemed so HARD in my head.  I could not have been more wrong.  The whole process consisted of 3 ingredients and about 30 minutes.  Easy.

Here is all that you need:
Washing Soda
Borax Powder
Fels Naptha

It cost me about $12 to purchase these items.  My sister had to buy two more bars of Fels Naptha but the powders provided enough ingredients to last her the entire year.  Impressive.

You will also need some type of large container to mix it in and storage containers.  I have a really large stock pot but you could use a 2 gallon bucket, a large plastic toy bucket, a plastic storage probably have something on hand that would work.  For storing I chose empty milk jugs.  They are easy to shake and we go through about 4 gallons of milk a week so they are easily available.

Now you are ready to make it!  Yay!

1/3 bar of Fels Naptha
1/2 cup washing soda
1/2 cup borax powder

1.On a cutting board finely chop Fels Naptha
2.  Place Fels Naptha and 6 cups of water in large pot and heat until melted.
3.  Add soda and borax.  Stir until dissolved.
4.  Remove from heat.
5.  Get your large plastic container and pour in 4 cups of water.
6.  Stir in soap mixture
7.  Add 22 cups of water (1 gallon and 6 cups)
8.  Let soap sit for 24 hours and then place in containers.  I used a funnel and stored mine in empty milk jugs.  One batch makes about 3 gallons.

The consistency is similar to egg drop soup.  I have been told to shake the jug before using.  This is one of the reasons I chose milk jugs.  They are easy to shake.

And best of all I LOVE IT!  Yay!  I have been giving samples to friends all week!  If you live close come on over and I will send you home with a water bottle full :)  Happy Cleaning!  Ha!  Is that possible????

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