Sunday, March 4, 2012

Good vs Best

I am such a nerd when it comes to parenting.  I enjoy writing this blog and I try to keep it informational as well as entertaining but the truth is that if you guys knew how much mental energy I put into my parenting choices you would seriously make fun of me.  I analyze everything from what we eat to how we communicate.  My brain is has most recently been chewing on our activity schedule.  What is a healthy balance for our family? For example, this week I overheard some moms talking about boy scouts and this is the chain of thoughts that followed:

boy scouts, hmmm
I think #1 would enjoy boy scouts
boy scouts teach lots of good things
what time are the meetings?
yikes, the meetings are at 6:00
if #1 is in boy scouts at 6:00 that means no family dinner that night
it also means me or hubby would have to take and pick up
if husband does it that means he won't see #3 that day at all
if I do it that means that dinner will have to be something really really simple
I love us all being together in the evenings
evenings are the only time we are all 5 together
#1 would get to bed later than usual
#1 is 8 years old
what are his social needs at this age
i feel that his social needs are being met
#1 has not asked to be in boy scouts
Do I wait until he asks or is it my job to introduce him to these things?
#1 has an activity this semester
He is enjoying guitar
we told the boys they could each pick one thing
our home life is peaceful but busy
why rock the boat?
he enjoys our family evenings of dinner, play, and reading
it won't be long before that changes
i only have 10 more years to pour into him before he graduates
i am not sure but i think family time is more valuable in the long run than boy scouts
was his dad a boy scout?
research is big time on the side of positive family interaction
either way there are no guaranties
my gut is leaning towards family time
he could still choose scouts or something when he is older
time flies
i think I will wait until he is requesting another outlet/activity
yes, i will wait.
won't mention scouts.

I am not exaggerating.  This is the conversation I had with myself.  It took all of about 5 min or less.  This is how my brain spends much of its time.  I am constantly weighing the good vs the best.  In the United States our lives our full of sooooo many opportunities and I think it is easy to try and take advantage of as many of these opportunities as possible, but is that best?  I don't know if there is one right answer to this question.  I do know that in our home we have decided to say "no" to many many things that cross our path.  This juggling of needs, wants, good and best is very challenging...

Thoughts???  Comments???

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