Sunday, February 26, 2012

Things I Love...

Last week I took #3 and traveled across country to be in a wedding.  Once we arrived I deposited her with Nana and preceded to spend four days child free.  Here are some things I learned...

I like:
ladies lunch
dinner served late
mani's and pedi's
wine and cheese
spray tan glam
shopping at boutiques
make up
matching accessories
clothes that require spanx
heels so high my butt gets tight
leisurely showers and bubble baths
a king size bed to myself
workouts when I choose
driving a car with very few doors
time to think

I love:
play dates with moms
ketchup smeared faces
sticky fingers and sloppy kisses
bathtubs filled with plastic toys
a van with automatic doors
classroom parties
mom pants
children museums
pizza night
sweaty heads and dirty clothes
buckets and buckets of little girl bows
waking up to little cries
little ones sneaking into my bed
bedtime prayers
morning faces
legos everywhere
guitar lessons
Saturday donuts
pj days
feeding the fish
library time
living room forts
my iphone notes app because I have no time to think

This list could go on and on.  A few weeks ago I would have told you, "The day will come soon enough that I can do what I want," but, it turns out that I am doing what I want.  I choose this.  I am blessed beyond measure and at this time in my life there is no where I would rather be than Mom-land.  Perspective is a gift.

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