Monday, January 16, 2012

The Man Cold

Oh. My. Word.  I would rather take care of 10 sick children than one slightly congested husband. 

First of all, let me toot my dear hubby's horn.  He is a great husband and dad.  He does a ton of stuff around here and is definitely my partner in parenting.  We are absolutely in this journey together.  He selfishly puts the family's needs before his on a regular basis. He is a pillar of strength--unless he gets the sniffles.

A runny nose, slight cough, a temperature of 99.4, and he thinks he needs to spend the day in bed.  Really.  I quickly go from singing his praises to wanting to hit him in the face.  Who goes to bed with a temp of 99.4?  The worst part is that he does not think he is being ridiculous.  Oh no.  It is the exact opposite.  We will for sure have a conversation in elevated voices about how inconsiderate and unsympathetic I am being.

I don't even argue.  I straight up admit to not having one drop of sympathy.  I am livid that he can call in sick and lay in bed all day.  I cannot fathom such luxury.  I freaking went to Legoland with a fever of 102.7 because we needed one adult per child to ride the rides! You know what I am saying.  If you are a mom I know you have been sick and still had to juggle all of your responsibilities without help that day and what is worse is that you probably even turned down a friend who offered to help you out! 

Anyway, all I am saying is that if you ask me to bring you chicken noodle soup as you lay upstairs in bed watching reruns of "That 70's Show" while I am taking care of your children, doing laundry, and mopping the floor for the 4000th time it will not be served with a smile.

Deep exhale.  There.  I feel better now.  :)

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