Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dear MamaJenni...death and heaven-Yikes!

Here is another email from a mom.  Please forgive our casual and unedited conversation.  I decided to post this because it is actually a question that I get asked a lot.  I do not mind at all sharing with others what I learned through unfortunate circumstances.  Feel free to email me with specific questions your children may have.  I hope all of you are finding mounds of joy in this Christmas season!!


Mama jenni- need some advice. Chloe my 4 yr old has been asking me a lot of questions about death and heaven. Was not prepared for this at such a young age. Any tips on how to handle? Thx!  Shannon

 Yes! Our kids dealt with these questions super early too due to a miscarriage and still birth. I have a friend that is a Child Life Specialist and I contacted her. The basics are:

1. answer the questions truthfully and as basic as possible. Sometimes parents elaborate and it is not necessary.

2. Most kids want to be reassured that they are not going to die or be separated from you. Reassure her that she is healthy and strong and that you are healthy and strong.

3. We also explained to the boys that every person is made of two parts. Their spirit and their body. Our spirit is our thoughts, ideas, voice, and feelings. Our body is the costume God gives us to wear on earth. When we get to heaven we get a new costume. Your spirit never dies. It will just get a new costume.

4. There is a great book called "heaven is for real for kids" by todd burpo. my boys love to read it and it has satisfied their curiosity of heaven. There is an adult book "Heaven Is For Real" to by the same guy. I loved it.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any specific questions I can help you with!!

oh-- and remember the phrase "hmmm, that is really making you wonder isn't it??" this has saved my rear hundreds of times when I needed time to think or avoid a question! :)

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