Sunday, August 7, 2011

Reality Check

Some years when my husband and my anniversary rolls around we are celebrating the fact that we survived that year, but this year was actually fun. 

One of the reasons that I think this year was such a good year is that after 14 years we are finally starting to settle into who we are and what our family is.  If you are like us, you had a picture in your mind of what your  family life would like someday.  We did.  Our mind's eye envisioned all that fairytales promise life to be.  This did not quite pan out.  We spent several years trying to force our square shaped life into the round hole of our reality.  This was unsuccessful and frustrating. 

My everyday life looked nothing like the fairytale that I thought it should be, but what I was beginning to realize is that my life was full of so many of the things I had always wanted.  It just turns out my role was going to look more like Claire from Modern family than Cinderella and Prince Charming. Once I embraced my reality I was able to define what our family is, can, and wants to be.

Our family's true reality is this: we are happiest when we put people first.  People are our currency.  We will change our plans, walk away from chores, and even put a cooked dinner in the refrigerator to invest time in people.  Relationships make our life rich.  Relationships also take tons and tons of time, so we have learned how to adjust our lifestyle so that the time is available.  For us this works.

Families need purpose.  What is your family's purpose?  What is your focus?  What are you about?  Define it and talk about it with your kids.  Embrace your reality and find the treasure hidden inside.  Life is an adventure and your family has it's own special way to navigate the journey.  Find it!

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